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Method of Moments array design and proofing approved by the FCC.

AGSC begins MoM proof retrofit preparations for stations.


Law Enforcement Officials overjoyed that Heroin use is increasing...


New State laws aimed at curbing copper theft seem to be working.




WQEW  New York, NY
August 2010

Repair original ground system where builder used incorrect brazing alloy, install ATU arc gaps and other repair work.

KILT  Houston, TX
January & August 2010

MoM Preparation.  Install new sample lines, fences and other grounding

KIKK Houston, TX
August 2010

Install fence grounding

WAGG  Birmingham, AL
May 2010

Repair ground system damage caused by construction around towers.

WIOZ  Aberdeen, NC
March 2010

Evaluate vandalism to ground system and feed system.

KWAM  Memphis, TN
July 2010

Locate and mark ground system and feed lines for future site construction.



WRLM  Irondale, AL
Janurary 2009

Install new ND ground system

KELP  El Paso, TX
March 2009

Rebuild 3 tower ground system following construction damage

WQXI  Atlanta, GA
December 2008

Rebuild 2 tower DA ground system and other grounding work

WBCO  Bucyrus, OH
August 2008

Install new sample line via Directional Boring

WABC.  New York, NY
July 2008

Ground System Evaluation and Repair

KRVN  Holdredge, NE
July 2007

Ground System Evaluation

WBWL  Jacksonville, FL
June 2008

Rebuild 5 tower Inline DA

KWAM  West Memphis, AR
Feburary 2008 and beyond

Refurbish array infrastructure, site access, array tuneup

XEGH  Rio Bravo, Mexico
November 2007

Build new ground system

KTIS  Minneapolis, MN
October 2007

Evaluate and repair ground system

WILC  Laurel, MD
July 2007

Repair and enhance tower base grounding

KDWA  Hastings, MN
July 2007

Build new ground system

WIBC  Indianapolis IN
July 2007

Repair and enhance tower base grounding

WNOG  Naples FL
June 2007

Ground System Evaluation

WYHL  Meridian MS
June 2007

Rebuild ND Ground System

KZDC  San Antonio TX
March 2007

Build New 4 tower ground system

WCIN  Cincinnati OH
June 2007

Repair vandalism damage.

WMBG  Williamsburg VA
March 2007

Build New ND ground system

KCRG Cedar Rapids, IA


October 2006

Rebuild 3 tower ground system and install new feed and sample lines.

KRLD Dallas TX

December 2006

Rebuild 2 tower array ground system and building ground infrastructure.

WPHE Phoenixville, PA

September 2006

2 tower DA rebuild

KDWA Hastings, MN

July 2006 ND Build

WCIN Cincinnati, OH

Feb.  2006  5 twr DA Build

WNDA Deland, FL

Dec. 2005  ND Rebuild

KMOX St. Louis, Mo

Nov. 2005  ND Rebuild & other work.


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Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

November 2007

A most excellent adventure. Rio Bravo is located about 10 miles inside Mexico to the southeast of McAllen TX.  We built a new ground system under a HUGE self supporting tower.


New XEGH self supporting tower.

The old guyed tower is visible to the left. The new tower is considerably taller than the old tower. Mexican technical rules only account for the height of the unipole. XEGH will remain at full power into a much taller tower but the unipole may only extend up the new tower to the same level as the old tower.

Old XEGH Studio and transmitter building.

This is a HUGE tower.

Pancho the transmitter site caretaker and guard.


Jeremy spoke a small amount of Spanish before going to Mexico. After spending a week working closely with Pancho, he was able to communicate quite effectively... The station manager came by with information concerning the move of our equipment back across the border. I understood more of what he was saying than Jeremy. We quickly determined that Jeremy had learned to speak "Pancho" but not a lot of usable Spanish.

El Cazador on MX2 about 10 miles inside Mexico near Nuevo Progresso.

We enjoyed grilled goat and beef for lunch our first day across the border. Here we also met a Mexican lad that had graduated from Memphis State. He spoke English the way I speak English. More proof that "No matter where you go... There You Are".

Notice the open door to the right side of this image. Notice the dog looking in the open door. That is the kitchen...

Moving debris and old tower sections out of the way

Rancho de Poncho

Chula the guard dog.

Actually this is the guard dog.

This mut would bite anything that came close.

Main ground point.

All radials were bonded to the triangle of strap. The main tower base ground point is likewise bonded to the TX building ground and each tower leg.

Strap to ground the tower leg to the main ground point at the tower center.

The shorter cross piece of strap is for the connection of ground rods.

de Grava

Old ATU and tower base

Connecting a ground strap to icebridge / cable tray.

As usual, Jeremy injured himself on a sharp piece of strap.

Unable to cope with being the only injured crew member.

He immeadatly attempted to cook Pancho.

Jeremy was especially fond of Poncho.

He had finally found someone shorter than himself.

Solidly brazed ground rod connection.

The roll of strap to the left is to be attached to the ATU.

Getting ready to install weed block fabric and "grava"

Leg ground connection.

Tower light controller.







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